This combo set includes one 9" Haunted Mansion Wallpaper and one 3" Haunted Mansion icon.

Similar to Creepy Wallpaper in the Park 1 Series , this set is inspired by the wallpaper designs of The Haunted Mansion attraction which can be found in multiple Disney Parks.

The 9" vinyl is light purple and the black and white print can be found on the head, body and upper arms. The front and back of the vinyl feature two different variations of the Haunted Mansion wallpaper designs.

The 3" vinyl is black and has two white and grey variations of the Haunted Mansion wallpaper designs on the front and back of its head.

Series: Park 1Edit

Type: Combo; one 9" and one 3" solid vinylEdit

Artist: Dan HowardEdit

Card: YesEdit

Availability: Limited Edition of 500; RetiredEdit