Snow White's Scary Adventures is a ride that can be found in Fantasyland in various Disney Parks. This vinyl is designed after the wooden carriages of this ride, which are made to look like beds of the seven dwarves. Snow White's heart is represented on the forehead and body of the vinyl. The faces of Grumpy and Dopey are on the front of the ears, and Doc and Happy are on the back. Its feet feature the poison apples. The back of the vinyl's body has the Queen's crown along with the famous box the Evil Queen presents to the Huntsmen, in which the Huntsmen must put Snow White's heart as proof of her death. The back of the head shows Snow White and the Prince, with the Bluebird perched in between them.

Series: Park 2Edit

Type: 3" solid vinylEdit

Artist: Michelle St. Laurent-ShrieveEdit

Card: YesEdit

Availability: RetiredEdit