Pongo (Chaser) is the chaser from the second Park series in Vinylmation, Park 2 . Pongo is the most rare figure in this Vinylmation set and hence is very sought after.


Pongo, a brave and noble male dalmatian, is the main character in Disney's Animated Feature One Hundred and One Dalmatians. Pongo is depicted in the cartoon with two black ears, however this vinyl has one white ear with spots which may be remninscent of the ears of Pongo's wife Perdita. This vinyl wears a red collar and has various dalmatian spots all over the head and body and has a tail with a black tip. A 40 foot tall Pongo statue can be found at Disney's All Star Movies Resort, Disney World.

Series: Park 2Edit

Type: 3" solid vinylEdit

Artist: Dan HowardEdit

Card: YesEdit

Availability: RetiredEdit